Slabs, floor and finished products for the modern architecture

For years the company Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli Ltd. has adopted the system of sawing slabs using diamond wires machines, which unlike the system of sawing blades, do not require iron grit and lime therefore make possible a blend of speed, versatility and accuracy of all types of granite available.

What makes this a great and innovative method of sawing is the cutting speed which is much higher than conventional systems. The versatility allows us to cut only what the customer requires or what the store needs by making available first from the slabs already finished, a remnant still block, ready to be cut at the request of the customer.

The precision is due to both the technology and experience acquired over time and gives the slab a uniform and precise thickness over the entire surface which makes for a greater simplicity in the final processing.

At our production area are wire machines that can produce various kinds of thicknesses from 2cm and 3cm to higher thicknesses, up to the most substantial blocks and intended for any type of use.

Thanks to the expansive abilities by the factory with granites and stones (domestic and foreign) in the form of blocks, slabs, flooring systems, interior and exterior, finished products, Ferrari Cav. Rudolph & Sons Ltd. is able to meet its customers with a product guaranteed for quality merchandise, through a careful selection of raw materials.


There are hundreds of quality granite stored in warehouses and ready for delivery. Through the use of modern equipment such as two multi wire and a single wire, the Ferrari Cav. Rudolph & Figli Ltd provides slabs of any thickness with short delivery times and punctuality.

Within the company, the highly qualified staff follows the entire production cycle, from sawing to the processing and dispatch of the slabs and thus being able to offer customers the possibility of obtaining further finishing from the same block. Among the surfaces available are: polishing, flaming, smoothing and brushing.


The company is able to produce many varieties, thicknesses and formats.

In particular, our versatility allows us to make paving of various types and sizes, from modulgranite, 30.5 x30, 5 or 40x40, tape decks, raised floors 60x60 cm, with custom finishes according to customer's request. In flooring the company personally selects slabs and performs on-site pre-installation, allowing the customer to assist and view the floor during the execution stage.

Semi-finished and Finished.

To complete the service for the customer, Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli Ltd. manufactures semi-finished and finished products tailored to various types, serial and personalized as well as adapting to the changing tastes of modern architecture. The knowledge used in the selection of the material along with the wide availability of stock, coupled with technology, provides customers with a secure and exact method to meet their needs.

For third parties.

On request, we can also provide works for third parties such as diamond wire sawing blocks, to obtain slabs of various thicknesses, polishing /smoothing, Flaming, and brushing. We utilize a cutting diamond blade to obtain strips or finished floor.

Types of processing