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Almost 50 year of history and life


"I began when I was just twenty years old, when my Dad took me to an old sawmill for the first time, showing me what my future would be. My brother already had a sawmill for marble at the time, so I thought that mine could become a sawmill for granite, in order to offer customers a full range of services. So, in just a few years, we converted the machinery and installed equipment in order to produce slabs and finished goods using this extraordinary material.”

The growth

“The work is going well and I’m learning more and more about this material. I like it, it’s solid and strong and the feedback from our customers confirms this. The company is growing and we've purchased some neighbouring land in order to expand further. We’re building offices and two additional warehouses, one for slabs and the other for cutting blocks. We’ll also be operating new frames for the granite.”

The continuous research

“The desire to grow drives me to continuously search for new materials that I can offer to my customers. We now offer Italian, Indian, Brazilian and European Granites and my market, which was initially limited to the Veneto region and Emilia-Romagna, has begun to expand significantly. Demand from our customers has driven us to expand our laboratory for finished products. We’re increasing our production and we're reducing turnaround times.”

The esperience

“I’ve always chosen every single block that I process myself, and this is what has guided me to only ever buy top quality materials. These 45 years of history have helped us to become expert transformers, guiding us to understand who we are and what we want to offer: skills, professionalism and partnership with our customers, all with absolute transparency. For us, each and every customer is important and we want to fulfil all their requirements.”

The Innovation

Up until 10 years ago, we used to cut the granite using frames. It would take up to a week to cut a block, but we always opted for continuous modernisation as we believed it was important to invest. In fact, today, the production process has changed: multi-line machines have allowed us to speed up our deliveries at the same time as keeping our warehouse constantly well-stocked. It's thanks to this choice that we're able to quickly fulfil all kinds of requests”

Our team

“Most people who work for the company have been with us for many years, they grew up with me, and we’ve experienced lots of difficulties and successes together. Two new recruits joined the company a number of years ago - my daughters. We’re now moving towards a gradual generational change; Ottavia and Giulia are becoming the beating heart of this huge operation, and I’m sure that they’ll be ready to face any challenge that may come our way from the Italian market or from abroad.”

“I chose to invest in granite forty years ago and I’d choose to do the same even today.
It's a bet that has never let me down.”

Luciano Ferrari