In-ground or free-standing swimming pools, whatever the installation method of your project, the most important choice remains the floor.

It is necessary to find a material suitable for outdoors: non-slip, resistant to temperature changes, easy to clean even with the most aggressive products and simple to maintain over time.

Another important aspect is that it is a material that can be customized in terms of formats, especially in in-ground swimming pools it is necessary to have the possibility of also creating the perimeter curb with the same product (with the necessary precautions: edges, water drainage channels, etc.), the internal coverings and flooring of the base.

All these needs can be satisfied with a unique, unparalleled and long-lasting product: Natural Stone.

A material with unique characteristics, but at the same time with such a wide choice of colors and shades as to allow the uniqueness of each project and satisfy every personal taste.

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