Maximum colour and high-gloss surfaces

By using machines to work the slabs, we are able to create a polished finish.
This finish makes the surfaces very easy to clean, high-gloss and scratch-resistant.
A polished finish is the ideal choice for interiors.
It brings a touch of excellence to the room, making colours really shine and ensuring they are free from any imperfections.
Thanks to its practicality, it is suitable for kitchen worktops, bars and shelves, but also for surfaces to be walked on, such as flooring and indoor staircases. This finish also enhances windowsills and doorsteps.
The diamond heads used in this process have unique abrasive grains that rotate and polish the natural material with such high precision that the surface becomes incredibly shiny.
Our experts are always on hand to help you choose the best material, colour and finish. By assessing your needs together, they’ll help you to make the right choices for you.


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