Flaming and brushing

For a less intense colour and an uneven surface.

As soon as it comes out of the flaming machine, the granite slab is treated with diamond-tipped brushes that remove any excess ridges and grains, smoothing the surface and thereby bringing out its natural colour.
Brushing further enhances flame-treated natural stone.
Flaming and brushing gives the stone a rustic yet refined look, making it decidedly “warmer”. This technique is used for indoor staircases, flooring, cladding, kitchen surfaces, fireplaces, showers and many more.
It also makes the material much easier to clean, making it ideal for public spaces or in places where hygiene is essential.
This finish can be altered depending on the customer's requirements.
For non-slip flooring, the material is normally cleaned with an iron brush, whereas, for material to be used indoors, the granite surface is brushed in all the grains in order to make it easy to clean.
Our experts are always on hand to help you choose the best material, colour and finish. By assessing your needs together, they’ll help you to make the right choices for you.


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