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Sandblasting is a surface treatment whereby a metal or other material grit is shot onto the slab or element to be sandblasted to remove the top layer and make it irregular.

The name, as one can imagine, derives from the final effect, that of a surface that looks like 'sand', hence granular and irregular.

Due to its anti-slip properties, the sandblasted finish is mainly used for exteriors and on shower trays, to provide a pleasant feeling of comfort and safety even when barefoot.

This effect, unlike bush-hammering and flaming, has a more 'uniform' and subtle grain, which varies according to choice and need; the choice of finish is often a decision defined by the use and aesthetic taste of the user.

Our experts are always on hand to guide you in your choice of material, colour and even finish; assessing your needs together, they will guide you through to the end of your design choices. Contact us!


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