Interior Wall cladding in granite

We can produce a range of different varieties, thicknesses, shapes and finishes for your wall cladding.
Starting from a thickness of 1cm, we can create various types of cladding:

  • Cladding with lengthwise installation: with this method, all cladding slabs have the same width but different lengths, allowing you to make maximum use of the entire slab, reducing waste.
  • Cladding with fixed measurement: all cladding slabs have the same length and width, but this nevertheless depends on the size of the original slab, again to avoid waste; minimum size: 60x30cm.
  • Chequered cladding: the cladding slabs are cut to the perfect size in the lab, without having to cut anything while work is ongoing. At the same time, this creates an even pattern between the different shapes.
  • Open-book cladding: the slabs from the same block are opened like the pages of a book, creating a unique, mirror-like symmetrical effect using the slab's natural veining.
    Every slab is numbered allowing for customised installation in the room.
  • Cladding with continuous veining: each slab is numbered and the veining creates the effect of a perfect pattern that runs along the wall.

Here you can also find other types of natural stones; to meet your every need! Contact us!


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