Granite Floors

From classical, antique styles to a style that is modern and original, a granite floor will simply enrich and make your home more special.

Granite is used a lot for flooring in modern furnishings and constructions, as it has unique characteristics making it suitable for this purpose.
In fact, this material is long-lasting, non-deformable, resistant to people and vehicles passing over it and is incredibly difficult to scratch.
This is an excellent solution if the surface will be stepped on and, therefore, used a lot and, thanks to its considerable specific weight, it remains practically anchored to the ground once put into place.
Granite is a natural volcanic stone that is suitable for outdoor use as it is resistant to atmospheric agents and can withstand high temperatures and icy weather.
For outdoor flooring, the stone is normally flamed, a technique that makes the surface completely non-slip.
This finish also makes the surface practical to clean: all you need is a simple jet of water and the flamed surface regains its original look.
The multicoloured pattern of a granite pavement easily hides any dirt from view and the fact that the surface grinding process gets rid of any cavities ensures that this stone is also practical to maintain.
For your granite flooring, we are able to produce a range of different varieties, thicknesses, shapes and finishes.

Our team of experts can advise you on the option that best suits your needs, get in touch to book your appointment with us right away!

Here you can also find other types of natural stones; to meet your every need! Contact us!


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