The italian Know How and the passion for natural stone

The Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Sons Ltd is a reputable Italian company operating in the field of granite for over forty years by appealing to both domestic and international market.

With the experience gained over the years and thanks to the large area covered where there is the sawing process, the cycle of production, and a wide range of materials available, the Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli Ltd can consult their customers with utmost safety and professionalism; responding promptly to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market.

In addition to coverage the company has also discovered an extensive park that is abundant with hundreds of quality granite, quartzite, and porphyry still in block.

With over forty years of history and an ongoing commitment in the search for new materials and innovative technologies, Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli Ltd. presents itself as a leader in its field by providing efficient solutions to the market that look towards the future of processing and selection of natural stone.

Specialists in granite processing

Ideal partner for those looking for experience and time!

Short delivery time, evaluation of new products, commitment and competence allow the Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli S.r.l. to create a direct relationship with the customer to fulfill the every request satisfactorily. The company offers its services to both domestic and international, responding to the needs of companies large and small.

Thanks to the wide availability of materials, the company is the ideal partner for those looking for a QUICK AND TIMELY service.